Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives (Little Eastern BWOs)
2.    Mahogany Duns
3.    Cream Cahills
4.    Little Yellow Stoneflies (Little Summer Stones)
5.    Little Green Stoneflies
6.    Slate Drakes
7. .  Sculpin, Minnows (streamers)
8.    Inch Worms
9.    Grasshoppers
10.  Ants
11.  Beetles
12.  Craneflies
13.  Flying Ants

How To Acquire More Fly Fishing Gear During Tough
Economic Times and Make Your Wife Happy At The Same
I should charge for such valuable advice but since I'm feeling good and in a good
mood today, knowing our country has solved all its problems, I'm offering it free of
charge to my friends in the fly fishing community.

Are you having tough times in today's tough economy? Have you had to borrow 4 of
every 10 dollars you are spending every month for the last several years from your
credit card company or bank? Is your wife giving you problems about spending too
much money on new fly fishing gear, when at the same time your having problems
meeting your less important financial obligations such as paying the mortgage? Have
you reached the limit on your credit line but still want to buy some more new fly fishing
gear? Here's the solution.

Follow the example just set by our United States Congress and White House.
Don't really reduce your spending. Just slightly
reduce the increase in your

For example, lets say you owe $14,000.00 on your Visa Card that you don't have the
money to pay. Ask you credit card company to increase your line of credit to
$18,000.00 and
convince your wife your cutting down on your fly fishing
expenses for  the next few years, thereby, reducing the family's deficient

She doesn't have to know that really means that Instead of borrowing $4.00 out of
every $10.00 you are spending, you are going to cut back to borrowing only $3.99 out
of every $10.00 you intend to spend during the next two years.

Oh, I almost forgot to give you a way out of this tight budget your agreeing to. Tell her
that since you need more time to insure this is the right thing to do,
you and 12 of
your best fishing buddies will review the plan during the next couple of
months so that you will be able to revise things to a even better plan.

No, don't tell her the real reason is that if you actually want to purchase more new fly
fishing gear, you will be able to work it out. Just tell her your in a rush right now and
you want more time to insure you handle the family's financial problems the best way

PS: If you end up with surplus funds, send it to me please. After all, I could charge for
my advice.

Current Stream and Weather Conditions
Things are getting lined up for more heavy rain. The National Weather Service is
going back to a 20 percent chance of rain for today and tomorrow. Well, I can't
guarantee two or three inches of rain out of that forecast, but it happened a couple of
weeks ago. The forecast changes to a 40 percent change of rain for Saturday. That
means it will probably be a good day for fishing and I intend to do just that as well as
Sunday. I rarely fish on weekends but I'm making an exception this weekend. I plan on
being on the water both days, rain or shine.

The streams are all back to their normal Summertime levels. That's a little lower than
many like it and low water does mean you need to apply a little skill that you don't
always have to use
when the fishing is "good", whatever that means.

Fishing is always good. I've never been fishing when fishing wasn't good. I've been
when I didn't fish good, or do a good job of fishing. I guess I should say I've been
when I didn't do a good job of catching but I have never been when fishing wasn't
good. It's the catching that's not so good at times.

Seriously, I have a vivid memory of what my Grandfather told me once when he  
returned from a fishing trip that he said that I was too little to go on. I don't remember
how young I was, but I think I still had my little red wagon. It rained hard all day long
and I couldn't wait for him to return so I could see the crappie he caught from what he
called the "backwaters". That was Guntersville Lake and of course he watched them
back the water up when they built the dam.

He had a huge stringer of crappie and was cleaning them out back on his fish
cleaning table. I remember him telling me it rained so hard, he caught them all with
their britches down. I think I spelled that right but anyway, he called pants, britches.
Grandmother called them trousers. He said the fish didn't think anyone would be
trying to catch them in the rain and they were all out on the banks wallowing around in
the rain. He said he just picked them up and put them on the stringer.

Now that I think of it, maybe that's what meant by "fishing is good". Back then, times
were good too. Cokes were a nickel each and I got one every time I was around him.
After I got over knee high, I also got to go fishing with him as well as my dad, even
when it rained.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh