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Golden Stoneflies - Adults (Perlidae Species)


The Golden Stonefly is not the largest stonefly in the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. The Giant Stonefly is. However, the female Golden Stoneflies can
be found depositing their eggs during the daylight hours every once in a while. It
would be a rare occasion that you would find a Giant Stoneflies doing that.  The
Golden offers the only opportunity to catch trout that are feeding on large egg
laying stonefleis, although I would certainly admit that you want exactly find them
blanketing the water.
Like most stoneflies,  the adult Golden Stoneflies don't get in the water until the
female deposits her eggs. The males don't get in the water at all unless they
accidentally fall or get blown in the water by strong winds. They hatch out of the
water and they mate and die out of the water.
If you do find a few females dipping down to the surface of the water depositing
their eggs, you may want to try an imitation of them. Trout will definitely eat the
egg laying females. Most likely you would encounter this activity very late in the
afternoon. If clouds have covered the sun for some time, they may begin earlier
in the day. Usually you will only find one or two here and there. Finding a large
hatch or a huge amount of activity would be unusual.  
I am not going to pay more attention to the adult Golden Stonefly than it
deserves. That is about it. As far as anglers are concerned, the nymph is by far
the most important stage of life of the Perlidae species.

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