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Golden Stoneflies - (Perlidae Species)


Species of the Perlidae family are called Golden Stoneflies. There are numerous
genera and species of these large stoneflies. These are the ones known to exist
in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Acroneuria abnormis  
Acroneuria arida
Acroneuria carolinensis
Acroneuria filicis
Acroneuria frisoni
Acroneuria perplexa
Acroneuria petersi
Agnetina capitata
Attaneuria ruralis
Beloneuria georgiana
Beloneuria stewarti
Eccoptura xanthenes
Hansonoperla appalachia
Neoperla occipitalis
Paragnetina ichusa
Paragnetina immarginata
Perlesta frisoni
Perlesta nelsoni
Perlinella drymo
Perlinella ephyre

As I have said in my other articles on stoneflies, the good part about stoneflies is
the fact that most all of the different species behave very similarly. There is little
difference in the appearance or behavior of the various species of the Golden
The nymphs and adults of these stoneflies are from
one to two inches long.
They live for two or three years
depending on the species, habitat and other
factors. They got their name from the golden brown color of the adult.
We have observed samples that we have captured in our nets in over twelve
different streams in the park. It is obvious to us that Golden Stoneflies exist in
the park's streams in plentiful quantities The nymphs have turned up in just
about every sample we have taken.
In the upcoming articles, we will cover the tactics and techniques used to imitate
the nymphs and the egg laying activity of the adult female.

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Golden Stoneflies - Nymphs (Perlidae Species)

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