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Little Green Stoneflies (Chloroperlidae Family) - Adults


Some species lay their eggs during the daylight hours, usually in the afternoon,
but are much more prone to do so late or during the evening hours. Normally,
this activity is not that intense but could be on a given stream at a certain date in
time. If you observe a lot of activity, you should certainly try the dry imitation of
the adult.
We found some rather very large hatches in Cataloochee Creek on two different
occasions but most other places, the Little Green Stonefly hatches have been
somewhat sparse. In the Cataloochee cases, the egg layers were in full swing in
the late afternoons during approaching thunderstorms. We were able to catch
several trout on an adult imitation each time. Those particular hatches took
place in mid June two straight years in a row. I am not sure which species of
Little Green Stonefly they were but I did note that they were hatching in the
moderately flowing water, not fast moving pocket water.
Adult Presentation:
I would suggest that you always carry at least a couple of Little Green Adult
imitations in case you encounter a hatch of Little Green Stoneflies. In most
cases, an up and across presentation of an adult imitation works. The problem
will be finding the egg laying activity occurring during the daylight hours. If it is
very cloudy or drizzling rain, be on the outlook for them.

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