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Little Green Stoneflies (Chloroperlidae Family) Species


The “Little Green Stonefly” adults (“Chloroerlidae”) are very similar to the “Little
Yellow” stoneflies.
In fact, contrary to what the name indicates, the “Little
Green Stoneflies” are sometimes yellow.
They are small to medium sized
stoneflies that emerge in the spring and summer months. Although they are
never any super hatches, the long emergence period of anywhere from thirty to
sixty days, makes this family important. The nymphs are usually a plain green or
brown, mostly brown.   
The adults vary from a very bright green to a yellow color. All of them have short
tails. Like most stoneflies, cold mountain streams such as those found in the
Smokies are an excellent habitat.
I should have already done this but even though it is late in the series, I have
discovered that many readers are not aware of the stonefly families. There are
nine families that exist nationwide.
Species from all nine families are found
in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Stonefly Families:
Capniidae family sp - Little Brown Stoneflies (Snowflies)
Leuctridae family sp - Little Brown Stoneflies  (Needlefly)
Nemouridae family sp -Little Brown Stoneflies (Forestfly)
Taeniopterygidae family sp - Little Brown Stoneflies (Winter)
Chloropertidae family sp - Little Green Stoneflies (This series of articles)
Perlidae family sp - Golden Stoneflies
Perlodidae - Little Yellow Stoneflies
Peltoperlidae - Little Yellow Stoneflies (Roach Flies)
Pteronarcys - Giant Stoneflies

In this case we are only concerned with the Little Green Stoneflies. These are
the species known to exist in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Alloperla atlantica
Alloperla caudata
Alloperla chloris
Alloperla nanina
Alloperla neglecta
Alloperla usa r
Haploperla brevis
(A Yellow Colored stonefly confused as a Little Yellow Sally)
Rasvena terna
Suwallia marginata  
Sweltsa lateralis  
Sweltsa mediana
Sweltsa urticae
Haploperla brevis                                                        
This Little Green Stonefly is often called a “Little Yellow Stonefly”, Yellow Sally
and sometimes, the “Wee Yellow” Stonefly”. I mention it separately because it is
often confused with the Little Yellows. It is a small yellow-green winged fly with a
green body. The nymph is a clinger that lives just under one year. They do not
hatch in a consistent manner, so it is not really known as to when you should
expect to encounter them. It is a size 16 hook size. You will see them in the
Smokies from late Spring until early Summer.

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Little Yellow Stoneflies - Nymphs

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