Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Green Sedges (Caddis)
3.    Cinnamon Caddis (mostly Abrams Creek)
4.    Little Sister Caddis (mostly Abrams Creek)
5.    Hendricksons and the Red Quills
6.    LIght Cahills
7.    Little Short-horned Sedges
8.    American March Browns
9.    Pale Evening Duns
10.  Giant Black Stoneflies
11.  Little Yellow Stoneflies
12.  Streamers (Sculpin, Minnows)

Current Stream and Weather Conditions
Saturday, I wrote that the stream and weather conditions were excellent from all
standpoints. That didn't meant that trout were going to jump on any and everything
anyone tossed at them. It meant that for a change, the stream levels had dropped
down to levels that could be safely waded and the weather would be nice and warm.
That has little effect on the trout. They don't have problems with the water levels
and the clear, sunshiny days just makes them even more cautious. The bottom line
is that most all of the anglers I talked to Saturday, and I talked to several at several
different streams, were not doing very well in the "catching" department. I was
scouting the park, hoping I can help my friend Dennis coming down from New
Jersey to fish this week.

This same thing happens every year. The water temperature gets within the
preferred range, the water levels get normal, and the weather gets good (for
humans) and the results is, the "catching" slows down everywhere except some fly
shops. There are several reasons, but without going into detail and in summary, it's
because of the following.

1. As long as the water temperature isn't extremely low (such as below 50 degrees
or over 68), the water temperature has little, if any effect on how easy the trout are
to catch.

2. Higher water relates to faster water and faster water makes it easier to fool the
trout into taking your fake fly for a real one. It also covers up a lot of mistakes make
in the approach and presentation. The drop in the water levels made it a little more
difficult from a "catching" standpoint.

3. As far as the great weather is concerned, bad weather days often makes it
easier to catch trout. Insects hatch in larger quantities and the trout are not as

4. There's also another factor I won't get into detail about just yet. The hatches are
changing from a few, larger hatches to several, smaller, more isolated hatches. The
"trail and error" anglers are having to guess a lot more about how, when and where
to fish. They are also having to guess more at what fly to fish.

For anyone to think that just because it's a nice beautiful spring day, the water
levels are in good shape, and the water temperature is great for the trout, that the
results will be that they can just tie use any generic or attractor fly and the trout will
jump all over it,
is a complete joke. It doesn't work that way. The only ones I know
that thinks it does work that way, are the same ones who are quick to express their
opinion, but that
actually never fish the park for trout.

More on the Sad Business News of Kaufmann's Streamborn:
Several fly fishing websites, blogs, newspapers and other forms of media continued
to report on the closing of the 48 year old Kaufmann Streamborn stores in Oregon
and Washington, with much concern over deposits on fly fishing schools and trips
scheduled through Kaufmann's Fiy Fishing Expeditions, Inc. I believe that given
time, the owners will have answers to everyone's questions and everyone's
concerns will be properly addressed.

Often, fly shops that have closed were eager to blame Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas
and other larger stores for their problems but this isn't the case in the Northwest
Coastal area. Except for one Cabelas store in Lacy Washington, they don't exist, at
least as brick and mortar locations, but that's just a part of the problem. Both Bass
Pro Shop and Cabelas, as well as hundreds of other online stores like our own
Perfect Fly Store, do exist in that area. In fact, Oregon and Washington are two of
our top twenty states as far as fly sells are concerned.

The problems is fly shops, and U.S. based fly fishing manufacturers, are continuing
to decline because anglers are changing from purchasing their product from brick
and mortar stores to online stores. Of course, almost every fly shop in the nation
has a website and is trying hard to develop its online business but very few are
successful at it. Search engines such as Google pay no attention to who was the
who's who of the brick and mortar locations. The game changed.

Then there's another major problem. Gas was $1.86 per gallon on the average
when the current administration took office and it's now about $3.86 a gallon. That
not only cuts the travel down, it raises the cost of everything. Unemployment has
come down only a tiny amount, depending on how much you believe the incredible
amount of spin being placed on it. The stock market is up recently, but not near
back to the DJ 14,903 level of 2007 - It's 12,505. The nations bankrupt, owing
almost 14 trillion dollars more than it has and is facing a possible decline in its
credit rating. I could go on but I'll let the most liberal newspaper in the nation do it
for me.  Having to report this results probably gave some key personnel heart
attacks, so they did their best to hide the results as being not very newsworthy.

2011 James Marsh