Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Blue Quills
3.    Cinnamon Caddis (mostly Abrams Creek)
4.    Little Brown Stoneflies
5.    Hendricksons and the Red Quills
6.    Streamers
7.    Little Short-horned Sedges
8.    American March Browns

Current Stream and Weather Conditions
At 5:30 AM this morning, my normal, undisturbed, get up and going time, I checked
the weather to find out that we are under a tornado watch. Looking at the radar, I
see a line of thunderstorms approaching Knoxville from the West. I'm sure it will be
here or passed by the time most of you read this.

The National Weather Service gives the chances of showers and thunderstorms
today at 70%. Tomorrow, Thursday, and Friday, they expect there will be a 50%
chance of showers and thunderstorms. From a fishing standpoint, I don't like the
word "showers". That can mean more rainfall amounts than we need in the park. On
second thought, I guess it is better than thunderstorms, especially when there's a
chance they will help form a twister.

The streams are getting near normal, or low enough for wading in most areas,
provided your experienced and are careful. Today should be a great day to fish,
provided the thunderstorms and showers expected are not a big factor. The
problem is the water table is very high and any rain will increase the stream flows.
Lets just hope it's not heavy. This weekend's long range weather forecast looks
great. If we escape the passing front with a low amount of rain, the conditions
should be excellent for the weekend, as well as for the rest of this week.

The hatches have subsided some during the last few days but there are still several
insects hatching, just not in large quantities. The challenge is to figure out which
ones are most available and match their looks and behavior. This will greatly
increase your odds of success. Keep in mind, the most available insects may not be
those that are hatching. You don't need to just "match the hatch", you should also
be able to "match what's about to hatch".

Some that profess to be anglers will tell you the fly isn't important. The
same ones that speak with authority about it have one or more fly boxes full of
different flies and change them throughout the day, looking for the "lucky" fly. Trail
and error, is their motto. The fly shops that preach the same bull, sell any and
everything they can get anyone to buy. If any angler really thought the fly wasn't
important, they would just pick one fly and use it everyday, every time they went
fishing. If any fly shop owner thought the fly wasn't important and really wanted to
help their customers out, they would just sell one fly. It would also be the cheapest,
longest lasting one they could find. Anglers wouldn't need a fly box and the stores
wouldn't need a fly display case filled with every fly pattern that's tied in Malaysia,
Indonesia and Africa, sold to them by our loyal American fly distributors. All fly tyers
would be considered idiots, because only one, generic, match any and everything
fly pattern would be needed. Those that preach such ignorance remind me of
politicians, speaking out both sides of their mouth. Trout don't prefer to eat hair and
feathers. They eat insects and other foods that live in or happen to fall in the

I am keeping the following link up for a while, or until the threat of rain has ended or
subsided. If the rainfall we get is isolated, choosing the right stream to fish may
become important. The
National Weather Service weather precipitation map should
help with this. Enter Smoky Mountains in the location box. Hopefully, the amounts
will be low for the next few days.

Eastern Green Drakes - Duns
The Eastern Green Drake duns are about the size of baby hummingbirds. They will
actually flutter along on the surface of the smooth water they normally hatch in prior
to taking off. If one had the ability to think, he or she would be thinking "Help!. I
need to get my wings dry quickly, or I want live the short time I need to in order to
mate and sustain our future generations".  We have a lots of video of these large
duns attempting to escape the surface of the spring creeks of Pennsylvania,
including several shots of trout clobbering them attempting to do so.

"Fly Fishing DVD "Mayflies", features an Eastern Green Drake dun on the front
of the sleeve and a coffin fly, or the Eastern Green Drake spinner on the back. This
program is our third best selling DVD and has sold over 3,000 copies since its
release. It comes as a 2 DVD disc set. This program took over eight years to
produce and was shot on many different streams across the nation. It includes
video of all the major species of mayflies that exist in trout streams from coast to
coast including video of the nymphs, dun and spinner stages of life. The program
focuses on how, when and where to fish imitations of each stage of life of the
various species.

2011 James Marsh