Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Little Brown Stoneflies
4.    Quill Gordons
5.    Blue Quills
6.    Little Black Caddis
9.    Hendricksons and the Red Quills

Great News - Our National Parks Will Continue to Be Able To Function
Our wonderful leaders made a last minute decision at almost midnight last night.
They decided to pay the bills by approving the budget for the year of 2011. Yes,
this year is almost half over.
The mayflies are already hatching.

Yep, this was supposed to be done last October, but that wouldn't have worked at
all. There was a November election - remember? The cuts were huge. Instead of
spending 1.6 trillion of money in the year 2011 that we don't have, they will only
spend 1.56 trillion more than we have. That's the huge 38 billion cut.

In case those big numbers confuse anyone, like it does our senators and
, that's cutting the overspending down from 1600 billion to 1562
billion. What a huge cut the republicans made the democrats make. The demos
wanted an even larger deficient. I'm proud of them all, our president, and  the
democrat and republican house and senate members.

Don't let this debt bother you. China and Japan will most likely loan us what we need
for the shortfall - provided, of course, we abide by their loan rules and regulations.
The interest on our debt of 14 trillion is just under a  4 billion a day. In case that
number is difficult to grasp,
that's just a little over 2 million dollars a minute. Be
sure you pay your taxes. They are dang sure going to need the money to just
manage to exist up until your children and grandchildren have to pay back what we
are spending. There's no need to cut a few million here and there for things such as
dear old Harry Reed's Cowboy's Poetry festival. He's banking on his grandchildren
being rich and not having to work to help pay it back. The problem is that he's so
damn old and rich that he and others like him forget that a
small leak will sink a
great ship.
I've got to get into the bug mode or I'll lose what little sanity I have left.  

A Hatch of Senate Like Creatures You May Want To Consider
There's a new bug that will soon begin to hatch, if it hasn't already. It's one of those
aquatic insects few pay little attention to, I assume the reason is because it's a small
insect, but also probably because few know what it is, other than a little dark colored
or blackish, brown caddisfly.

If you've looked at many rocks in the streams of the Smokies you have seen their
cases. These are the saddle-case larvae. Their cases look like little horse saddles
except the caddis larvae get underneath them instead of on top of them. They have
an opening at each end.

These little cases stick to the rocks very well and I sometimes wonder if the trout
ever attempt to eat them while they are in their cases. Even though they move
around on the rocks to feed, they are difficult to remove from the rocks. What the
trout do eat, and in numbers far more than most anglers realize, is their pupae and
to a lessor extent, the adults.

These are the
Glossosoma genus of caddisflies.  Unlike most others, these little
caddisflies hatch in the mornings. They deposit their eggs in the late afternoons and
evenings.  What makes this hatch effective is the intensity of the hatch. They can
hatch in very large numbers and in small areas of the streams. It is not an insect
you need to focus on, but rather one that if and when you encounter it, you should
be able to match, especially in the pupa stage of life when the trout eat them with
ease. .

Satellite image of the Whitehouse, senate and house of representatives after China takes action
on a U.S. loan default

The image of those little piles of tiny rocks in the photo above is really not a satellite
image of the senate, house and Whitehouse. They are cased-caddis. Some are
clumped close together. They all have Short-horned caddisfly larvae (little worm like
senate creatures) underneath them that change into a pupa (when in session) and
hatch into a small caddisfly (when exposed).

2011 James Marsh
White House