Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Midges
4.    Little Winter Stoneflies
5.    Quill Gordon Nymphs
6.    Blue Quill Nymphs

Down and Dirty  (some are clean) Tips and Recommendations for Fly
Fishing Destinations - Part 21
Just keep in mind that it is strictly one opinion that happens to be mine. The intent is to hopefully
give those interested a general idea of what to expect. Most likely every guide, affiliated business
entity and local angler will have a different opinion. These streams also have full coverage on our
Perfect Fly Stream Section.

I'm going to try to skim though some of the better streams in the Western Rocky
Mountains, then the Cascades and Sierras to finish the destination series so I can
concentrate on the fishing techniques and hatches that will start in the Smokies
very, very soon.

Bitterroot River Montana
The Bitterroot River is a very long river that's formed by two main branches, its West
and the East Forks, that are both fine trout streams themselves. It has a long main
stem (seventy-five miles) that provides great trout fishing throughout almost every
mile of its length. Our favorite section is the West Fork, which is a tailwater. We like
it because it's relatively small in width, easy to wade and also always full of trout.
The two branches have twenty miles of good fishing opportunities in addition to the
main stem. It's 95 miles is almost all very good water.

The Bitterroot has all four of the main western species - brook, brown, rainbow and
cutthroat and of course, all of them are wild or native species. There's a variety of
excellent wading and drift boat opportunities, depending on the area you fish. Some
areas can even be fished from small personal type watercraft. It's a solid "A" stream.
Check out the
famous Bitterroot River.

North Platte River Wyoming
When you mention the North Platte River in Wyoming, you have to stop and ask
"where" on the North Platte River. It has good trout fishing from the time it enters the
state of Wyoming and in Colorado too, for matter. There's only ninety miles of good
fishing water in Wyoming.

It has different species and various sizes of trout depending on exactly where you
fish. Its headwaters are good in the upper, remote sections that flows through both
rugged canyons and valleys. It's middle and lower sections are good with plenty of
areas to wade and to fish from a drift boat. It continues all the way downstream
(heading north) up to the first reservoir. Check out the
main North Platte River.

It has two tailwaters that are as good as tailwaters get. They both have huge size
brown and rainbow trout. The Grey Reef is located below Pathfinder, Alcova and
Gray Reef Reservoirs. Here's the
Perfect Fly stream section on this part of the river.

The other tailwater is the famous Miracle Mile. For some reason I haven't got
around to completing a Perfect Fly Stream Section on it yet, but now that I have
noticed that, I will be doing so soon. This stretch also has some huge rainbow and
brown trout. The North Platte River is a solid "A" trout stream.

Just a side note: Notice just these two streams have over 185 miles of water with
large, wild and native trout and I have just started naming some of the better