Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Midges
4.    Little Winter Stoneflies
5.    Quill Gordon Nymphs
6.    Blue Quill Nymphs

It Sure Feels Like Spring
A look at the mountains from Pigeon Forge yesterday morning and again late
yesterday afternoon revealed a obvious difference in the amount of snow in the
high elevations. The general appearance of Mt. LeConte went from brown with large
white spots to a lot more brown and small white spots by the end of the day. That's
not surprising because the highs almost reached the mid-sixties.

Today's forecast at Gatlinburg is for a high temperature of 57, tomorrow
(Wednesday) 59 and 64 for both Thursday and Friday. Right now at near midnight
it's 28 degrees. The projected low tomorrow night is 30 and then they are predicting
a big change for Thursday night's low. It is predicted to only drop down to 44
degrees. I learned a long time ago that when your dealing with water temperatures
of these small freestone streams,
the nightly lows can be as much of a factor
as the daily highs
. By the end of today, i would think most all the snow would be
melted which is another factor you have to consider when predicting water

The big change in the nightly lows, along with the fact all the snow will surely be
melted by Thursday, could make a huge change in the insects and the trout activity
by this weekend. Looking to the current long range forecast for the weekend, it
shows just slightly less daily highs that are predicted to reach about 57 Saturday
and 60 Sunday. What will make the big difference is the nightly lows which are not
predicted to fall below freezing. This is a lot of speculation all based on long range
weather forecast that are subject to change but
I can't help but feel that if things
stay close to the predictions, this weekend could be a great time to fish.
just had to make a long, drawn out issue of it because it's such a pleasing change
to write about. Now I know exactly how a bear feels when it comes first crawls out of
its den.

Down and Dirty  (some are clean) Tips and Recommendations for Fly
Fishing Destinations - Part 20
Just keep in mind that it is strictly one opinion that happens to be mine. The intent is to hopefully
give those interested a general idea of what to expect. Most likely every guide, affiliated business
entity and local angler will have a different opinion. These streams also have full coverage on our
Perfect Fly Stream Section.

I've been bouncing back and forth to fly fishing destinations in Colorado for some
time now. Even though I have named and briefly written about several very good
trout streams, there are even more. I realize that if I don't get on with it, I will never
finish before i want to concentrate solely on the streams in the Smokies. I'll just
mention some others that are good streams very worthy of anyone's time and move
on to another state.

Rio Grande River has over twenty miles of water the state considers Gold
Metal water. It's a sleeper that's not mentioned or written about very often because
it's located down in the southern part of Colorado near New Mexico where few
people live.

Dolores River is another. The tailwater section below McPhee Dam provides
some very good fishing opportunities in the western part of Colorado.

Uncompahgre River tailwater is yet another very good trout stream and one
that's fishable most of the year.

Michigan River and North Platte River, both located in the northern part of
the state near Wyoming, are two others that are rarely written about because of
their remoteness. Both of these rivers are very good trout streams.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh