Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Midges
4.    Little Winter Stoneflies

Weather Forecast has improved with slightly warmer temperatures
and mostly rain with some sleet, freezing rain and snow expected.
It appears the National Weather Service is now providing a slightly better forecast
for the weekend than they were yesterday morning. Although there may be some
snow, sleet and even freezing rain, it will be too warm for it to have much effect on
up in the mornings for either Saturday or Sunday. This forecast is for Gatlinburg, so
keep in mind that as the elevation increases, the greater the chances of ice and
snow. As of now, it appears you will be able to get around in the lower elevations
just fine and that this weekend could provide some good fishing opportunities. It
should also be noted that the rainfall amounts could possibly bring the stream levels
up to high to safely wade.

Note: Added Little Winter Stoneflies to the above list of flies you need now. It should
have been there during the entire month of January and I was under the assumption
it was until I stumbled across the error.

Down and Dirty  (some are clean) Tips and Recommendations for Fly
Fishing Destinations - Part 17
Just keep in mind that it is strictly one opinion that happens to be mine. The intent is to hopefully
give those interested a general idea of what to expect. Most likely every guide, affiliated business
entity and local angler will have a different opinion. These streams also have full coverage on our
Perfect Fly Stream Section.

Taylor River Colorado
This stream is a difficult one for me to rate because it depends on what anglers
prefer to a huge extent. It has some monster size trout below the dam in the short
catch and release section but it is also usually crowded with anglers fishing tightly
together to try to catch them. Its headwaters has some good fishing for cutts and
brooks but is rarely fished. It consist of slow, meandering meadow streams with lots
of smaller trout.

This stream also has over nineteen miles of fishing below the short catch and
release area that also has a very good population of wild trout but part of it is public
and part of it flows through private property. Where you can fish, the fishing is
usually excellent in all respects. The stream even has a run of Kokanee Salmon. I
think anyone that's ever in the area should check it out for sure; however, I'm
reluctant to recommend it for a destination stream on its own because of its small
size and available water to fish. The size of the trout is almost shocking but you may
be casting to a trout someone else is also trying to catch. It has all the requirements
of an "A stream" except size of the stream and access, but because of these
limitations, I'm only giving it a "B plus".
Check out the Taylor River.

White River Colorado
Writing about one of my favorite trout streams just made me discover that I haven't
finished the Perfect Fly website section on it. I have no idea why I haven't. If
Colorado's White River could be fished by the public its entire length, it would
probably be the states best trout stream. Its only problem is that much of its water
flows through private property. It's located in the western part of the state  in the
middle of no-where. There's more elk than people around its course. This isn't to
say there isn't any public access. It has several areas and I have yet to see anyone
else there the three different years we have fished the White River. It's a long river
with plenty of options. It just could be that it is so remote from human population, it
may not make any difference if there was more public access.

Its upper section has plenty of brook and cutthroat trout and plenty of access. It
flows mostly through forest land with public access. The lower section flows for miles
through ranch land and finally through the little town of Meeker. Most visitors travel
there to hunt, not fish. The stream has a very good population of brown and
rainbow trout, all wild fish that grow to a very large size. It's one of the states best
trout streams. I'll give it an "A".
Check out the photos and If I get time today, I will
complete the information on the stream.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh