Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Midges

Weather and Stream Condition Update for the Smokies:
It has been a long cold spell here in the Smokies. The snow in my front yard is still
about 3 inches deep and it has been that and as deep as 10 inches now for a few
days. We only had one day when the snow was completely gone from the week prior
to that. If someone was blindfolded and placed here for the past month without
knowing where they were, they would probably think they were in the lower New
England area.

The weather should warm up to as high as 42 today and 44 tomorrow with the
nights falling down just to just below freezing. That would be more normal weather
for this area. At the same time it's looking up, the National Weather Service put a
Hazardous Weather Warning out for today. There could be some sleet but not much
is expected. Monday, it should start raining. The streams are low but the melting
snow and rain will solve that problem by the end of next week. The park's site is still
showing 32 inches of snow on Mt. LeConte.

Down and Dirty  (some are clean) Tips and Recommendations for Fly
Fishing Destinations - Part 2

Just keep in mind that it is strictly one opinion that happens to be mine. The intent is to hopefully
give those interested a general idea of what to expect. Most likely every guide, affiliated business
entity and local angler will have a different opinion. These streams also have full coverage on our
Perfect Fly Stream Section.

The Upper Connecticut River New Hampshire:
I think this is probably the best trout stream of the many that's in the state of New
Hampshire. It's located in northern New Hampshire near both Maine and Canada.
There's also landlocked salmon in the stream. It begins from what's called the third
Connecticut Lake near the Canadian line and flows south through a series of more
lakes. The stream is a tailwater but has the appearance in most places of a
freestone stream. In fact, parts of the river would look very similar to some streams
in the South, if it were not for the trees. Some parts are accessed from log road and
by hiking and some have road access.

The stream has brown,
rainbow, and brook trout
with plenty of wild fish yet
the state still stocks parts
of the river. That's typical
for the entire state of
New Hampshire.

That's Angie in the picture
who did more fishing than
I did the three days
we spent there. This
stream would be my first
choice for the state of
New Hampshire. Even so, I still wouldn't give it over a "B" because it's stocked.

Batten Kill Vermont:
The Batten Kill is certainly the most famous trout stream n Vermont. It's located in
the Green Mountains not far from the neat town of Manchester. Orvis fans would
rate this stream higher than I because it's their headquarters. The stream itself is
rather small in town and the fish are mostly brook trout. The best fishing is outside
of Manchester in the dairy farm country. It's a very beautiful area and the stream is
much larger although it's still only about medium size.

The Batten Kill is supposed to have some nice brown trout in it, but if so, catching
one is far from being easy. That's typical of large browns, except during the
spawning season, but this stream also seems to be short on numbers. This is a
tough stream to fish and most of the anglers we have talked to about it, fail to catch
any of the larger brown trout. Sorry Orvis fans, but I don't think this stream deserves
a high rating at all. It is listed as a T. U. Top 100 trout stream but the man who wrote
the book must of not fished it.

If I were in the area, I would fish it again. We have fished it on three different
occasions and one time failed to catch a single trout other than a small brook trout
in about four hours of fishing. The most we have caught, other than brookies is six
trout and the largest was only about 14 inches. During the times we have been
there, we didn't find anyone that did that good.

It deserves its place in the history books and it's in a very scenic area, but it has a
long way to go to be a top trout stream. I'll give the Batten Kill a "B minus".

Copyright 2011 James Marsh