Insects and other foods the trout may be eating:
1.    Blue-winged Olives
2  .  Sculpin, baitfish and small crayfish (Imitate with streamers)
3.    Midges

Those That Know Me Asked For It, So All Of You, Know Me Or Not, Are
Going to Get It - Extreme, X Rated, Hard Core Fishing Tales

Cozumel Sailfish - Jeep Engines Don't Run Cooled With Saltwater

I have more than one fishing tale about fishing in Cozumel Mexico, but I will start with
this one. It isn't directly related to fishing, rather the type of things I have been able
to get into when I was on a fishing trip. Remember, when I started this stupid series
(to have something to write about), I mentioned that it's not only the fish catching
part of a fishing adventure that's always the highlight of the event. It usually involves
other things that aren't necessarily directly related to catching fish. An example of
this is time spend with friends.

In this case, I was going to be with my friend Frank Johnson, owner of Mold-Craft
Products manufacturer of the World famous Soft-Head big game fishing lures. Frank
and I were invited down to Cozumel to fish aboard one of the best sportfishing boats
in the World - the Renigade. The owner, i will just call Mr. O, is one of those big
game anglers that prefers to stay out of the limelight, but was always willing to allow
me to go along to do some fishing aboard his 54 foot Bertram. At the time, Mr. O
was having a new boat built. He wanted a bigger, faster boat. When finished, Mr.
O's new boat would turn out to be the World's largest and fastest sportfishing
vessel, never-mind the fact that it could burn as much as 2,000 gallons of fuel a
day. That's something we always like to talk about but to Mr. O, that was chicken
feed. You see, his money wasn't measured in millions. It required the next higher
level of math.

Frank and I arrived via commercial airline at Cozumel just when Mr. O was about to
leave on his private 27 passenger jet to go back to the states to the doctor. He
wasn't feeling well. He wasn't about to go to a doctor in Cozumel. He wouldn't even
eat their food or drink their water. He bought two condos and had the wall tore out
between them, so he could fill one of them with freezers and refrigerators. That way
he could store the food and drinks he had flown in from the states. Mr. O told us to
just enjoy ourselves and he would be back soon. Well, we really hated that but it did
leave Frank and I with our own 54 Bertram,  captain and three man boat crew. Mr. O
always rented three jeeps wherever he sent the boat to fish, so we also had our own
jeep for transportation around the island.

The first day we were there, it was already mid-morning and we just decided to
cruise around the island checking everything out and go fishing the next day. Both
of us had been there several times and were very familiar with Cozumel. Everything
there is on the west side of the island along the Yucatan Channel on the opposite
side of the mainland of Mexico. Both Frank and I were single back in those days and
you can probably guess what we first went looking for.

The best place to find girls during the day was the beach and we didn't waste much
time. It didn't take us long to find some either. I wouldn't say Frank and I made any
claims we couldn't back up, but it appeared we wouldn't have much trouble taking
the girls along on a fishing trip since Mr. O told us to have a good time. We knew
the captain and crew very well and that's something they would probably be doing
themselves. One pass by the boat with the girls and we were then in a position
where we probably couldn't have gotten rid of the girls if we wanted to. However, the
fishing trip wouldn't be until the next day. So, we ask the girls if they had ever seen
the uninhibited part of the island. The answer was no, and of course we already
knew that, so off we go to circle the entire island of Cozumel, which isn't all that big.
The paved road on the western side of the island just runs along the beach for
several miles without any buildings, homes or anything but sand, rocks and water.
It's just a desolate beach. After visiting the lighthouse on the south end of the
island, we headed back north up the beach. Soon afterwards the jeep, which
appeared to be brand new, started sputtering and jumping. It was running hot. We
were only about eleven miles from the closest fresh water or a service station. It
wasn't but a few minutes until It finally just quit running.

There we were, about a couple of hours before dark on a desolate beach stranded
with two women. It would be a long walk back to the tourist part of the island. We let
the engine cool and tried to crank it but that didn't work. Frank,  an X design
engineer for an aircraft company and someone who had designed and built the
huge machines that make the Mold-Craft product, came up with a brilliant idea. He
spotted some beer cans along the road and begin to fill them up with water from the
surf to fill the radiator of the jeep. I keep telling him that wouldn't work. I told him we
will blow the engine but he just kept saying but it may get us back. He said that when
we did, we would just complain it wasn't running good and trade it.

Well, the jeep fired up and ran just great - for about four miles. Then the engine
made a loud noise and abruptly stopped. We were still stranded. In about thirty
minutes, along came a big truck that was picking up trash along the beach. We all
four rode back to the Cozumel Car Rental company on the back of a 2 ton, flat bed
garbage truck that was full of stinking garbage bags. We were happy to get a ride.
We picked up a new jeep and told them where the other one was. I kept telling
Frank that we had blown the engine and we were going to get into it. I told him they
would probably charge everything to Mr. O. He just kept saying that he would never
notice it . He said, "Mr. O never sees his credit card bills James".

Now you may think that is the end of the story, but it isn't.

I didn't see Mr. O until about six months later when I ran into him at the Miami Boat
Show. He and his fishing crew were going through the show selecting various things
for the new sportfishing boat that was under construction. The boat was still another
year and a half from being finished. Mr. O asked if I wanted to join them and so I did.

We were all walking down the isles of the show when Mr. O, suddenly stopped in his
tracks at a display of generators. James, the captain, told Mr. O that he had already
ordered another brand of generators for the new boat. Apparently, the generators
reminded him of something. Before James finished the sentence, Mr. O turned and
looked at me with a big frown on his face. He said, "by the way Mr. Marsh". "I don't
appreciate your charging about 5 thousand dollars to my credit card for a jeep
engine". I'm not sure what color I may have turned, but I replied with the only thing
that came to mind. I said, "I didn't do that, Frank Johnson did". He said, "sure, James
- don't tell me what happened -they charged a new jeep engine (which had to be
imported) to my American Express card because you and Frank put saltwater in the
radiator and blew the engine". He immediately turned and started walking on down
the isle. We all followed and even though I fished with Mr. O many times after that at
many other locations, he never mentioned it again.

By the way, I did catch a sailfish the next day after our tour around the island. We
didn't take the girls and I'm not sure they would have even gone.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh