Forney Creek Watershed:
Fly Fishing the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
Forney Creek is located in North Carolina on the park side of Fontana Lake.

tream Size:
In comparison to other streams in Great Smoky Mountains National Park , Forney
Creek is a medium size stream.

Forney Creek is very inaccessible. The stream can only be reached by crossing
Fontana Lake or by making a three and a half mile hike. If you cross the lake, you
will find campsite #74 handy.

Both brown trout and rainbow trout are found in Forney Creek. Smallmouth bass
are also present in the lower portion of the creek.

Average Fish Size:
The average size of the fish is about average for the park.

Due to its accessibility, it's not a popular stream for anglers.

Much of the upper portion of this stream and some of its tributaries are  tough to
cast in due to overhanging trees. Most of the lower part isn't that difficult.  

Tributary Streams:
Forney Creek has several tributary steams.

Bear Branch (Creek):
Bear Branch or Bear Creek, whichever you call it, is located just over a half mile
upstream of Fontana Lake. It's accessible from Jumpup Ridge Trail but it only
provides access at certain points. The stream is currently closed for brook trout

Bee Gum Branch:
Bee Gum Branch is located about three miles upstream of Fontana Lake. Bee
Gum Branch Trail provides access to the stream. Rainbow trout are the
predominant species available in this little stream.

Jonas Creek:
Jonas Creek is a small stream tributary of Forney Creek. Access is provided by the
Jonas Creek Trail. The stream usually has a good population of rainbow trout. It
has two small feeder streams worth mentioning, Scarlett Ridge Creek and Little
Jonas Creek. This stream is located four miles upstream of Fontana Lake.

Huggins Creek:
Huggins Creek is another tributary of Forney Creek. It has no formal trails that
follow it. Huggins has a population of rainbow trout.

Forney Creek is certainly a good trout stream, about as good as any other of its
size, but unless someone just wanted to get away from it all, or camp in a remote
location, then there would be little reason to fish it in preference to Hazel Creek or
Eagle Creek. We would certainly recommend it for those who want to experience all
the park has to offer in the way of streams.

Copyright 2011 James Marsh
A nice rainbow. These seem
to be very common in Forney.
It may be one of the best
sleeper streams in the park.
You want have much
company, that's for certain.
Most of the water in the lower
end of the stream is typical
Smoky Mountain pocket
You must cross Fontana Lake
to get to Forney Creek but if
you have a small boat it's well
worth it.
Rainbows are the main species in Forney
Creek.. It has brown trout as well as rainbows
but on the few trips we have taken there, we
have caught only two small browns.
A beautiful salamander (we think that's what
it is anyway) greeted us this early morning.
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Another average size rainbow for Forney
Creek. The stream seems to have plenty.
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